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I was born with a gypsy soul, and a desire to live wild and free spirited. I love all things Bohemian with lots of colors and textures! I am a designer and artist of many things although I have always thought outside of the box and I use mixed colors and textures. I grew up as a free spirit and a hippie true to my heart and full of love and peace. It was a great time and a great blessing to just have a fighting spirit that can't be tamed. I taught my children to love mother earth and respect her.. We recycled and reused everything before it was even popular! 

So out of my hurting of losing ones so very dear to me, I designed this lap blanket, wall hanging or whatever your spirit calls you to use it for. 

Bohemian and Gypsy Soul Blanket
Bohemian and Gypsy Soul Blanket